Beer and Hot Cross Buns

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Article

March 22nd 2016

With Easter upon us, it’s time to start feasting on that seasonal delight: the hot cross bun. Usually served with tea, why not change things up and pair them with a delicious beer?

Each of the beers we have selected, although vastly different from each other, all work well with the buns and enhance certain bunny qualities. Each beer is stocked at our micro-pub Out of Office, Battersea.

For something refreshing that will work well with the spice of the bun, try a Founder’s All Day IPA. With notes of citrus and pine, this beer will certainly enhance the buns lovely spicy quality. Try slathering the bun in butter, as the hop and crispness of this beer will cut through the fat.

All day IPA small

If you’re partial to a hot cross bun that is loaded with fruit, and let’s face it, not all buns are created equal, a Wisby Pils from Gotlands is a super match. The clean malts and hints of citrus will complement the sweet fruit in the bun and refresh your palate.


For something indulgent and decadent, that will work with the bready qualities of the bun, try and Northern Star Mocha Porter. With notes of rich dark chocolate, hazelnut and coffee, this beer is a pleasure to drink and has a lovely full-body. A bun with this beer definitely counts as a meal.


Happy Easter.




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