Lixir Tonics

Lixir Tonic is all about being fresh, innovative and edgy, and creating new flavour experiences with every drink.

Lixir Tonic is a British soft drinks company offering a range of all natural flavoured tonic waters.

Started by bartenders Matt and Jordan, it began in their kitchen and after a year of fine-tuning, the developed a truly versatile range of tonics, which pair perfectly with an array of gins, vodkas, dark spirits and liqueurs.

Fact: Lixir’s tonics are all natural, with no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or added preservatives – just the good stuff.

Lixir Tonics is an exciting mixer brand started in April 2018 by bartenders Matt Mahatme and Jordan Palmer. After a few years of meticulous product development, Lixir Tonics was released to market to offer a range of exciting serves to the full spirits spectrum, both light and dark.

Lixir Tonics give bartenders the versatility to create a large number of serves from their product range, as well as giving consumers at home the ability to experiment with a variety of different flavours in creating their ultimate serves at home.

After a hugely successful first 9 months, Matt and Jordan selected Boutique Bar Brands as their UK agents to manage their UK sales and marketing.

Boutique Bar Brands are very excited to be working with an ambitious soft drinks company, who bring a fun and innovative take on the mixer category

Consumers in the UK can buy Lixir Tonics from:

Indian Tonic

We carefully crafted our Classic Indian to offer a gentle bitterness from its defining ingredient, quinine – and used a fine blend of orange, lemon, and lime to hit the right zesty pitch of bittersweet.

The subtle hint of citrus fruits pairs perfectly with dry gins, however the pairing suggestions for this are endless, so we’ll leave that one to you…

Refreshingly Light Tonic

For those seeking an even healthier option, our Refreshingly Light boasts the same clean taste as our Classic Indian tonic, but with over 60% less sugar. Oh, and we made sure it contains no nasty artificial sweeteners.

The citrus notes combine with the quinine to give a lovely clean taste that lends itself to pair well with floral gins.

Rhubarb and Ginger

We understand the reputation this distinctive duo has in drinks, so we had to turn it in to a tonic. Fresh rhubarb delivers a sweet, earthy hit, tempered by the warming undertones of ginger.

We recommend this with dry or fruity gins as well as golden or spiced rums. However, it also tastes great on its own (you can thank us later…).

Elderflower and lemon

There’s something delightful about sweet elderflower in a drink, so we added our twist with a vibrant blast of lemon to hit the spot.

The floral elderflower is well balanced by the citrus of the lemon; creating a tonic that matches perfectly with dry, floral and fruity gins. Alternatively, enjoy neat over ice, with a splash of white wine, or add to Pimm’s for a summer cup and your taste buds will thank you.

Blood Orange and Cinnamon

Enjoy the full-bodied flavour of raspberry citrus from the crimson blood orange and wait for the subtle hint of cinnamon spice to evolve. Great with fruity or citrusy gins, bourbon whiskeys, rums or try this with other liqueurs for a unique cocktail. This is a flavour experience you won’t forget in a hurry!