A modern French classic

Location: Lille, France
Client since:
2011 to present
Products: 2
Best seller: Bellerose Blonde

Fact: Bellerose is the most awarded beer in France

Brewed at Le Brasserie Des Sources in Northern France Bellerose is a superior blonde beer that falls between a bieres de garde and an IPA.

It draws its inspiration from the 1950s era, a period during which beer was still intensely hoppy and stoutly refreshing. The use of an innovative cocktail of 3 different hops from 3 different countries brings Bellerose a distinctive aroma of citrus & litchi with a refreshing finish.

Bellerose was the first client on Boutique Bar Brands’ books which they are still incredibly happy to be representing in the UK. As their longest running client they are delighted to have built the beer into a national brand, available in wholesalers throughout the UK including Matthew Clark. In 2016 Bellerose Original was secured to be listed in 200 Marks & Spencer’s supermarkets around the UK and a reduced alcohol version of the beer ‘Bellerose Bleu’ was released purely for the UK market.

Bellerose Red

Bellerose Red is a superior blonde beer that falls between a bières de Garde and an IPA. It has a full yeast character, yet is remarkably dry and refreshing from the three American and New Zealand hops used in the brewing process.

6.5% ABV
330ml & 30L kegs

Bellerose Blue

Bellerose Blue is a blonde beer that falls between a biere de garde and a pale ale. A sensual and delicate beer which has a fine aroma of lychee and citrus fruits which beautifully complements the bitter-sweet yeast character of the traditional “bières de Garde” from northern France

4.5% ABV
330ml & 30L kegs