Downton Abbey Spirits

A stunning taste of Downton Abbey, the uniquely British TV and Movie phenomenon…

Location: Riply Castle Estate in ‘Downton Abbey Country’ 

Key Info:
The Official Downton Abbey range of spirits from the global TV and Movie phenomenon.  


Produced by the small British Harrogate Tipple craft distillery in Yorkshire, England, this brand new range of spirits has been hand distilled by Tom Nichol and his team on the estate grounds of the 750-year old Ripley Castle. Mr Tom Nichol is the Master Distiller, a lifetime award recipient from The Gin Guild and the brains behind the making of Tanqueray No10.

With botanicals selected to represent the Post-Edwardian era of the world famous fictional show ‘Downton Abbey’, these premium drinks are a taste of the aristocratic hospitality that has made the show a global hit since it was first seen on screens in 2011. These are the only official Downton Abbey liquor products.


An Aristocratic British Family

These high quality small batch liquors are hand-bottled in identical ‘Lord and Lady’ bottles, the gin and whisky both come in high quality, heavy British glass bottles. The square-shouldered bottle profile echoes design cues of the Downton Abbey era. The stunning new pink english rhubarb gin, offered in the same handsome clear bottle will arrive in the us market early in 2020.

The luxurious embossed label and watch strap design echoes the imagery of the world famous show, supported by exclusive access to TV show and movie assets and images for promotion and Point of sale as the only Official Downton Abbey Liquors. A stunning taste of this uniquely British TV and Movie phenomenon…

London Dry Gin

Using only the finest fresh botanicals and Harrogate spring water from North Yorkshire right in the heart of ‘Downton Abbey Country’, the botanicals are handpicked from the resplendent 750-year old gardens at the Ripley Castle Estate including fresh limes and ginger root from the Victorian hothouse together with English rose water.

43% ABV
70cl Bottles

Blended Scotch Whisky

The Downton Abbey whisky has a truly remarkable British character. exquisitely made, using only the finest malts and grains, it is a wonderful blended spirit of true distinction. This whisky has been masterfully created using the renowned Harrogate spring water from the quintessential North Yorkshire, UK Spa Town. It is this that helps give it a smooth yet delightfully rich flavour with reassuring depth and warmth.

40% ABV

70cl Bottles