Firkin Gin

A range of multi-award winning cask aged gins, distilled and aged in hand casks in batches of only 250  bottles

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Best seller: American Oak Aged Gin

The American Oak aged gin was voted best cask aged gin in the world in 2018

Developed by whisky lovers to cross the boundaries between whisky and gin. Started back in 2014 by experimenting at home in the ‘workshop’ for months, tinkering around trying to develop the perfect drinking gin that could be aged in different types of casks… and thus the award winning Try Me Naked Dry Gin was created!

Today, the multi-award winning Firkin cask aged gins continue to be made in small batches and are a quirky libation to the back bar and any gin shelf.  With a mix of heritage and progressive attitude, FIRKIN is a great-tasting spirit with integrity and a healthy twist of curiosity!

Only around 250 bottles of each single-cask batch can be produced, so proper care and attention can be devoted to turn every bottle into something really quite brilliant. Each bottle is individually filled, corked, sealed and labelled by hand with each batch having its own completely unique character.


Cask aged gins are a specialtiy area of the market but well worth exploring,  They brilliantly bridge the gap between whisky and gin. Taking the falvours of gin in a new direction entirely, whilst delivering plenty of flavour to appeal to the whisky afficiaonado.   

BBB are responsible for growing sales of Firkin gin in the off-trade, online retail and premium on-trade markets.

Straight From the Still

Our incredibly smooth and flavoursome London Dry gin used to create the Firkin cask-aged gin. Try Me… Naked! No ageing. No casks. Just our signature recipe gin in all its glory.

20cl & 70cl bottles

American Oak Aged Gin

Firkin cask-aged original is a London Dry style gin which is rested in Oak whisky casks. It is during this resting time that delicate notes of toffee, caramel, vanilla and sweet oak are infused into the spirit.


20cl & 70cl bottles

Islay Cask Aged Gin

Rested in Islay casks to impart more familiar peaty notes alongside classic vanilla flavours.


20cl & 70cl bottles