Fullers Frontier

A pioneering premium craft lager, brewed to explore new territories in taste.

Location: Chiswick, London
Client since:
2012 – 2015
Products: 1

Fact: BBB were the first external consultancy to ever work with Fuller’s

When we were launching Frontier, Boutique Bar Brands were the people we turned to to give us expert and in depth advice on the market. They really know their drinks and helped us in the critical early stages of building this flagship brand.

Jordan Mace

Westside Drinks

In the early days, it was a tough task convincing the market to embrace a lager from one of UK’s best known real ale breweries but through a deliberate seeding process, Boutique Bar Brands were able to slowly grow the brand, in a careful and controlled manner. From a zero base in 2012 Frontier is now listed in over 500 accounts nationwide and distributed by a variety of wholesalers.


4.5% abv, ensuring the beer is flavoursome, yet sessionable. Brewed using new-world hops and old-world brewing techniques, for a memorable tasting beer. Crafted for 42 days to give a better mouth feel and fuller flavour. A full-flavoured craft lager for drinkers who want to discover a more intriguing pint.

ABV: 4.5%