Harrogate Tipple

A small batch, family run distillery based in the beautiful and historical Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The botanicals are grown in the 750 year old gardens within the castle walls.

Location: Harrogate, North yorkshire


Harrogate Tipple is  a small batch, family run distillery based in the beautiful and historical Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. They are passionate about their products and the environment, which is why they strive to keep everything as local as possible. The  botanicals in their gins are even grown in the 750 year old gardens within the castle walls.  The gins are made exclusively with the world famous, 100% Harrogate Spring Water. This is evident in the clean, crisp and exceptionally smooth taste in all of their gins.

Tom Nichols – Master Distiller

The Harrogate Tipple award winning gins are expertly made by Master Distiller, Tom Nichol who’s experience in the gin industry amasses over 42 years. Tom has created many world famous drinks in his time, such as Tanqueray 10. Every drink he produces for Harrogate Tipple is handcrafted with extreme care and detail.

Steve & Sally Green – Owners

Steve and Sally worked in the TV industry for 15 years in London before deciding it was time to move the family up North and start something new. They stumbled across Harrogate by chance and decided immediately that this was where they wanted to be.


They are often asked what made them change their careers and open a distillery. There wasn’t one defining moment that led to starting Harrogate Tipple. Unknowingly to them, life had been being guiding them towards opening a distillery since before they even knew what one was!

Sally’s love affair with gin started many moons ago – in Brazil, where she was brought up where she would regularly enjoy a G&T in the sun with her parents when she was old enough!

Both Steve and Sally worked in the thriving bar scenes of the 90’s as students and soon learnt to differentiate between a good and a great drink.

Steve was always fascinated with brewing and distilling, even more so after he travelled the world filming the Bacardi distilleries and learnt all about the fascinating world of spirits and the little details needed to make a prefect tipple.

Too many times fate steered them towards distilling and too many chance meetings to ignore were happening, so, they boldly decided to go for it. Harrogate Tipple was born.

Premium Gin

This multi award winning gin celebrates the infusion of fresh local botanicals picked form the Castle Gardens which include Lavender, Coriander and Pink Grapefruit with Harrogate Spring Water. A true Classic Smooth Tasting Gin.

50cl & 5cl

Blueberry Gin

Sweet handpicked Blueberries are distilled with delicate botanicals and finished exclusively with Harrogate Spring Water. Cornflower Petals give this Gin its beautifully unique and subtle blue hue.

ABV 43%

50cl & 5cl bottles

Rhubarb Gin

Using hand picked botancials from the estate including rhubarb and ginger root this gin delivers floral notes on the palate with a hint of warm ginger. Rhubarb crumble meets delicate floral notes with a subtle hint of ginger.  The beautifully balanced rhubarb and ginger alongside limes and rosewater create a pink gin of true distinction. 

ABV: 43%

50cl & 5cl bottles

Gooseberry Gin

Inspired by the Historical Estate surrounding us we have created a beautifully balanced British Gin of exceptional quality with sweet floral notes. Traditional Yorkshire Gooseberries are handpicked from our very own gooseberry bush. They are then distilled with delicate botanicals including lavender and finished exclusively with Harrogate Spring Water. Garden Sorrol Roots help give our Gin it’s wonderful character and unique green hue.

ABV: 43%

50cl & 5cl bottles

Honey Harrogate Rum

Pure fresh honey notes with a touch of earthiness, distinct sweet vanilla, layers of caramel sweetness and oak finish.  Smooth layers of molasses round off this wondful rum. 

ABV: 42%

50cl & 5cl bottles