Harry Brompton’s

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea is the World’s only premium alcoholic Ice Tea.

Location: London, England
Client since:
2010 – 2016
Products: 3
Best seller: London Iced Tea

Fact: Harry Brompton’s uses premium tea which is harvested at 2000m above sea level in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Boutique Bar Brands were part of the team which developed this unique drink. We were involved with Harry Brompton’s from day one, helping to devise the concept and playing a critical part in developing a strong image, story and personality to the brand. These vital elements helped establish the brand in what was previously a completely new category and laid strong foundations for future growth.

Over the six years we have been working on the brand we have been delighted to help them develop a national presence with listings in wholesalers up and down the country as well as comprehensive on-trade presence in pubs and casual dining restaurants.

Working closely with the founder we have also spent countless hours helping activate the brand at drinks festivals, trade shows, sporting events (e.g. Henley and Horse Trials), outdoor events, popups, markets and even at The Ritz!

Harry Brompton’s has been a huge success in the off-trade with the Ice Tea available in everywhere from Wholefoods to Bookers. Helped by the strong London-centric branding, Harry Brompton’s is now making significant strides in the international market with availability now extending to eleven countries worldwide.

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea

A totally unique and fantastically refreshing British alcoholic ice tea made with finest Kenyan tea, pure grain spirit and a touch of natural citrus.

4% ABV
27.5cls bottles

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