Inverroche exists to enable storytelling of our Ancestral heritage and to celebrate the origin of creativity as the Pioneer in the Artisanal African luxury spirits category.

Location: Still Bay, South Africa
Client since:
 September 2020 to present
Products: 3

Inverroche was voted in the “Top 10 trending gin brands 2019” by Drinks International.

Inverroche provides locally made, unique and high quality spirits for consumers who prefer the finer things in life. Inverroche promotes creativity and authenticity in everything we do in addition to committing itself to supporting the local community and the environment in which we operate.

The Story So Far

Inverroche is a family run business founded by our CEO and Founder Lorna Scott. From 2009 to 2011 Lorna sat at her kitchen table along with her son Rohan experimenting with different botanicals that she found around her to create the perfect combination of 3 gins all uniquely different, and each of them telling a different story of a different region of fynbos.  These regions all fall under a biome, called the Cape Floral Kingdom.

This biome is down in the Western Cape, one of only 6 others in the world, however ours is the smallest but by far the most abundant with over 9500 different species of plants and vegetation that grow in this biome – 70% of which can only grow here and nowhere else in the world.

In addition these plants have been used thousands of years ago by humans, and are still being used today. Using these precious plants that are grown nowhere else on the planet, Lorna created Inverroche Gins. 2011 the first ever batch of Inverroche was sold out of Lorna’s house on the 16th of December…

These gins now tell the story of Still Bay and our common origin. 


Fynbos, an ingredient that grows no where else in the world that is used in our gins. Used for thousands of years by humans it is once again something that is still used today.

Something which has many purposes and grows within the Cape floral Kingdom, Inverroche was the very first gin in the world to use this special ingredient.

Using this ingredient Lorna wanted to not only tell the story of creativity but the story of fynbos and the different regions within the Cape Floral Kingdom. Lorna also wanted to create a commercial purpose for the fynbos so it was not lost or overtaken by agricultural developments.

Our Gin’s are so uniquely different to one another because of the different types of fynbos and the different geographical location from which it comes from.

The Fynbos Collection

A compact suite of products that are distinctive yet unmistakably related. A trilogy of flavours for every discerning palate and taste preference, which also represent three of the main subsections of the Cape Floral Region; limestone, mountain and coastal fynbos. Each pays homage to the rich, ancient and respectful relationship between humans and their surroundings.

Inverroche Classic Gin

Crisp & Zesty

Infused with fynbos harvested from the Southern African coastal, limestone rich hills and cliffs. Upfront green juniper notes blend seamlessly with a bouquet of soft flowers on the nose. The taste is exotic and intriguing with aromas of citrus, rose petals and assertive florals delivering a crisp, dry and spicy finish. Serve it on ice with tonic and a curl of grapefruit peel, or with a twist of lemon zest for the perfect dry martini.

Lead Botanical: Citrus Buchu

43% ABV
70cl bottles

Amber Gin

Rich & Aromatic

Infused with fragrant and aromatic fynbos scattered along the dunes of the Southern African coastal region, Inverroche Gin Amber showcases the diversity of the bountiful Cape Floral Kingdom. The gin’s amber colour is a rich russet and aromas of fresh citrus, slight juniper, sweet toffee apples, subtle spice and delicate floral notes intertwine to deliver a dry, woody finish. Enjoy neat on the rocks or with tonic and a curl of tangerine or orange zest.

Lead Botanical: Sour Fig

43% ABV

70cl bottles

Inverroche Verdant Gin

Soft & Floral

Infused with a bouquet of fynbos, hand-selected from the mountainous, rocky terrain along the Southern African coast. The result is a complex gin with a translucent golden-green hue. Delicate floral aromas reminiscent of elderflower and chamomile, lead to summer blooms, a touch of spice, subtle juniper, zesty lemon rind and alluring liquorice. Best enjoyed with tonic on ice and a twist of lime or lemon.

Lead botanical: African Sage

43% ABV

70cl bottles