Mr. and Mrs. Kongsgaard were so inspired by the beautiful forests of their native Denmark that they built their gin

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client since:
2017 to present
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Developed in Denmark by husband and wife team Søren and Bettina Kongsgaard, this gin is handcrafted in Cognac, France.


Inspired by an ancient Viking longhouse outside their hometown of Roskilde, Denmark, the Kongsgaards built the structure of their gin around the idea of an oak tree, from root to fruit.

Kongsgaards botanical blend is built around Danish apples, hand-selected from orchards on Denmark’s southern isles. For the very first batch, which Craft Gin Club members will receive, the Kongsgaards used Guldborg apples harvested in September 2016. Small and juicy, this apple variety is refreshingly tart with just a hint of rose.

BBB are working as consultants to help Kongsgaard get established in the very competitive UK Gin Market. Our core tasks have been to find a partner importer and establish a network of wholesalers and accounts across the country.



Kongsgaard Raw Gin

First thing noticeable is extreme smoothness. The base spirit, derived from soft winter wheat, embraces the renowned Gensac water from Grande Champagne. The botanical build up, goes from root to fruit, with a centrepiece layer of Danish apples and organic juniper. The Kongsgaard’s make use of an open flame copper still in old town Cognac. The balance of sweetness and acidity from the apples, really shines through in this high quality and delightfully complex liquid.

44% ABV
70cls Bottles