Market Row Rum

Market Row is a super-premium, botanical rum, hand crafted in the heart of Brixton, London and infused with flavours of the market.

Location: Brixton, London

The Brixton Distillery is the first ever distillery to make spirits in Brixton.  

The Brixton Distillery Company was the brainchild of Laurent Lacassagne, former chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers, and Patrick Venning, previous Chivas Brothers marketing director, who have more than 50 years of experience in spirits between them.

Market Row Botanical Rum is the inaugural release from the microdistillery and is a blend of Jamaican, Bajan and Dominican aged pot still rums from five distilleries, which have been infused with Kenyan black tea, Nigerian hibiscus and red rose from Pakistan. All the ingredients were sourced from Brixton Market, where the microdistillery is located.

Market Row is like no other rum

Market Row is a great-tasting premium botanical rum with a ‘Brixton Twist’. The botanicals we’ve carefully handpicked are inspired by Brixton Market – they’re subtle on the nose and palate and give Market Row Botanical Rum a completely different dimension to any other rum on the market.

Inspired by the community where our distillery is based, our rum’s about supporting and sharing everything we love about Brixton. It’s the old with the new. It’s people coming together to support, inspire and create. We believe in working with and giving back to our local community. We make Market Row with the support of local people. We buy our ingredients from the thriving trading community. We employ local people to help us build our brand.


What is a “botancial rum”?

It’s easy to read the bottle and mistake this for spiced rum. There are similarities, both add botanicals and spices to their rum blend and redistill. Spiced rums are usually assumed to be quite sweet with the spices often overpowering the rum due to the added sugar or caramel flavouring. There is no added sugar in our rum, the botanicals are there to compliment the flavours of the rum rather than to change them.

Market Row Rum is a blend of pot still rums from distilleries across Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, matured in ex bourbon barrels. It is then re-distilled in the rafters of Market Row, with hand-picked botanicals from all around the globe, including: Kenyan black tea, Nigerian hibiscus, Pakistani red rose, Grenadian mace, cloves, Jamaican pimento, Madagascan vanilla, Oregano and black pepper.

As part of our initiative to invest back into the community, we aim to source all of the ingredients from Brixton market and the surrounding area. It’s naturally dry with a light taste, aromas of caramelised bananas and oak, and a smooth finish.

Market Row

A botancial rum re-distilled with with botanicals from all around the globe.  It’s naturally dry with a light taste, aromas of caramelised bananas and oak, and a smooth finish.

40% ABV