Moloca Sangria

A Taste of Barcelona….Moloca is a premium Sangria

Location: , Barcelona, Spain
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Best seller: Red Sangria


Living every second of life, enjoying precious moments in the sun and the unique flavor of the Mediterranean, are being taken to a new level. Moloca is here, the sangria that embodies the heat and fiesta spirit of Barcelona

Another drinks startup which Boutique Bar Brands have been working closely with since early this year, helping them get established in the UK. BBB have been focusing on seeding the brand into the market over the summer  and consulting on everything from marketing campaigns to pricing strategies as well as directly selling into pubs and bars across England.

2018 should be a great year for Moloca  with sales expected  to continue to grow throughout the UK.



Red Moloca

RED Moloca is pure red passion. A perfect blend of Spanish red wine combined with an explosion of orange and lemon citrus flavours. A seductive sangria enhanced with touch of effervescence, with cardamom overtones and a hint of sweetness. Let yourself go

ABV: 4.5%
SIZES: 20 cls bottles

White Moloca

Don’t let that cool colour fool you. WHITE Moloca is a sun-kissed golden sangria with a sassy character. A refreshing blend of Spanish white wine with fine bubbles and orange and lemon overtones. It has a hint of sweetness and a vanilla aftertaste which will give you a taste for adventure from the moment you try it.

ABV: 4.5%
SIZES: 20 cls bottles