Foeder aged sour beers from the De Brabandere Brewery in Belgium. Brewed, Blended and Savoured by Connoisseurs.

Location: Bavikove, Belgium
Client since:
2016 to present
Products: 3
Best seller: Aged Pale

Fact: The oak foeders hold 220 hectolitres of beer (22,000 Litres) the equivalent to roughly 100 full bathtubs and have 6 different micro-bacteria ‘living’ in their walls.

Boutique Bar Brands launched the Petrus sour beer range from De Brabandere Brouwerij in June 2016 just as sour beer was beginning to gain traction in the UK. As the UK agents, Boutique Bar Brands were responsible for finding an import partner and wholesale distributers with which to launch and grow the brands throughout the country.

Via a comprehensive launch strategy which integrated a PR campaign, social media roll out and selling directly into key craft beer influencer accounts, the Petrus sour beers quickly became popular with beer lovers up and down the country. Within two months of launch Boutique Bar Brands has already opened up four wholesalers providing national coverage for the brand as well as being available to consumers via a nationwide online retailer.

In August 2016 the concept of blending the Petrus range was introduced to the market via a week long series of events across London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh with the brewery’s export manager leading blending masterclasses in key venues.

Petrus Aged Pale, the ‘Mother Beer’

A 100% foeder aged blonde beer matured for 24 months in oak foeders. Petrus Aged Pale has a markedly dry taste with the freshness of sour apples, sherry and fruit aromas. The distinctive sour flavour is popular in Belgium and contrasts well with the sweetness of shellfish, oily fish and soft cheese.

7.3% ABV

Petrus Oud Bruin

Petrus Oud Bruin is a traditional Flemish red brown beer. It is a blend of 33% Petrus Aged Pale and 67% young, brown beer, accounting for the deep, dark red colour.

5.5% ABV
330ml & 30L kegs

Petrus Aged Red

Unlike a traditional kriek, Petrus Aged Red is not based on a spontaneously-fermented lambic beer. This unique, dark fruit beer is an expertly crafted blend of 15% Petrus Aged Pale and 85% dubbel bruin with cherries.

8.5% ABV
330ml & 30L kegs