Porterhouse Brewing Co

Hand-crafted and brewed in small batches in Dublin. Brewed by men, not machines.

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Client since:
 2016 to present
Products: 4
Best seller: Oyster Stout

The Dublin Plain Porter has won ‘The Best Stout in the World’ not once, but twice!

Porterhouse Brewing Co are widely regarded as having kick started the Irish Craft Beer revolution.  Back in 1996 everyone thought they were crazy taking on the big boys.

Craft beer in London is practically synonymous with the Porterhouse brand as their famous watering hole in Covent Garden has been persuading Londoners to drink great beer since 2000.  Boutique Bar Brands are delighted to represent probably the most famous Irish craft brewery as their UK agents.

You can already enjoy the Porterhouse beers in selected establishments in London and around Northern England.  Throughout 2017 we look forward to expanding the beer nationwide and allowing more people to discover the true Irish flavours!

Porterhouse Oyster Stout

A superbly balanced brew, smooth and rounded without being bland.  More sweetness derived from fresh oysters shucked into the conditioning tank.

Oyster Stout: 4.6% ABV
330ml bottles 50lit Kegs

Porterhouse Red Ale

A superior Irish red ale.  Break through a balmy heavy cream head to a fruit filled characterful mouth, poised over caramel notes derived from deep roasted malts.

Irish red ale: 4.2% ABV

330ml bottles & 50lit kegs

Porterhouse Plain Porter

Technically a Porter (a lighter stout) with a smooth edged velvety mouthful with just a hint of bitterness.  Deeply aromoatic but not overpowering.  Winner of ‘World’s Best Stout’.

Irish Porter: 4.2% ABV

330ml bottles & 50lit kegs

Porterhouse Pils

A delectable balance of soft Hersbrucker hops and malt sweetness.  A cold quenching mature mouthful of flavour as far from insipid cooking lager you can get.

German Pilsner: 5% ABV

330ml bottles & 50lit kegs