Revenant Sparkling Dry Cider

The perfect aperitif and ideal with food, Revenant is the cider for a new cider drinker. A risk rewarded.  

The first drink of the night. The drink before dinner. The drink with your meal. The drink for all seasons. Revenant is the drink for the explorers. Those seeking something different in a world of same old, same old.


Consumers are drinking less, but better.

Yet, the cider category is tired.

Two clear options have dominated the cider world for years. Cold, sweet and fizzy. Or warm, dry and flat.


When we set out on this adventure, we scoured the internet for reassurance that we were on to something. We were met with a world of nothingness. The market hadn’t progressed for a decade. And that’s all the proof we needed. The UK didn’t need another hipster IPA. Nor did it need another dry, flat and fusty or fruity, fizzy and sugary cider. The cider market is worth £2billion. Yet, in order to carve a segment of our own, we needed to play outside of cider’s traditional territory. 


So, we developed a liquid aimed at those seeking something refreshingly different. A dry sparkling cider for an occasion not traditionally associated to cider. Revenant acts as an alternative to the typical aperitif – a market that last year experienced 7.5% growth according to a CGA Report.


It’s the reward gained for a risk taken. An openness to change perception. We’ve made a cider that does exactly that. Something a little unexpected. Revenant is the cider for a new cider drinker. A risk rewarded.

Sparkling Dry Cider


ABV 4.5%

330ml x 24 Cans