Santamanía Destileria Urbana

Santamanía is an Urban Craft Distillery in Madrid, the first one of it’s kind in Spain, where traditional distilling techniques meet cutting-edge technology to create signature craft spirits.

Fact: Spain possesses one of the largest surface areas of vineyards in the world. Santamanía nod to this heritage and incorporate it by using grape as a base for most of our spirits like gin and vodka.

The distillery, Santamanía is named after the Spanish term for “obsessive”- attention to detail and painstaking process. Santamanía today is a way of making things and has really become a general adjective for what we do.

Passion for detail is reflected in each bottle they sign, taking care of the detail and spending time on what really matters.

All the products from Santamanía the result of a lengthy R&D process, leaving behind many hours of fun lab work. Using just natural ingredients sets an incredible challenge in every process; but after all, their Master Distillers don’t like settling for simple things.

Destileria Urbana Santamanía, the contemporary Spanish craft distiller from the heart of Madrid, selected Boutique Bar Brands as its distribution partner following a competitive tender process in November 2018.

Boutique Bar Brands were chosen to handle the importation, UK Sales & Marketing for Santamanía, helping the distillery achieve its ambitions of increasing availability of its range of spirits in the UK’s most desirable bars, restaurants, hotels and exciting online bricks & mortar retailers.

Boutique Bar Brands aim is to grow Santamanía sales by 300% over the next three years as we accelerate availability of their many gin expressions including Santamanía Madrid Dry, using tempranillo grape-base, pistachio and raspberry in its botanicals. We will also be launching Santamanía‘s premium dark spirits, including the Ron Mentidero brand using completely homegrown Spanish sugar cane and whiskies in 2019.

Last Summer Santamanía successfully raised over £1m in crowdfunding in the UK and chose BBB to penetrate the UK market, believing that ‘BBB suited the philosophy of Santamanía as well as showing the real dedication to product knowledge and that is a key winning factor from our point of view’, according to Javier Domínguez, CEO and Founder of Santamanía.

Buy Santamanía range online in the UK from:

Madrid Dry Gin

Botanicals: Juniper, cinnamon, licorice, fresh pistachio, lime and lemon fresh peel, freeze dry raspberries, angelica and orris root amongst others.
41% ABV

Lola y Vera Pink Gin

LOLA & VERA bares the name of the first two copper stills at SANTAMANÍA Destileria Urbana.
Created in 2015 by our Master Distillers to be a truly contemporary gin, was one of the first craft
fruity gins on the market. On top of the more classical juniper taste, less conventional botanicals are used as well as different type of fruits. The result is a very fresh, light and digestive gin, with no sugar, preservative or any other additives, perfect to drink in a G&T or as part of a cocktail.

Mentidero Rum

This signature rum is handcrafted in small batches using 100% natural ingredients, with no additives or artificial colouring. Authentic flavour based on the finest traditions.

Its intense amber colour comes from its aging process in American oak for over a year. Madrid Seco has a unique body, an outstanding aroma and superb balance. Its complexity is the result of our Master Distillers’ craftsmanship and the artisanal distilling of the finest sugar cane alcohol in SANTAMANIA’s cutting-edge copper stills.

Madrid Seco is also the first rum on the market to be made entirely in Madrid. A bottled treasure, both madrileño and universal, distilled as they did in the past.