Sekforde Mixers

A range of original bespoke botanical mixers for premium whiskey and rum

Location: London, England
Client since:
 2016 to present
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Best seller: Sekforde Rum

Each 200ml serve is under 40 calories, and contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Sekforde is a range of original bespoke botanical mixers for premium whiskey and rum. They are the first mixers individually designed to complement and unlock the flavours in these fine spirits.

Easy to serve and bespoke to each spirit, our mixers are uniquely designed to enhance and unlock each spirit’s own special flavours creating a refreshing long drink in seconds.

The mixers use a subtle, balanced blend of natural botanicals in gently carbonated English spring water. We use no strongly bitter quinine and under half the sugar found in conventional tonics or other soft drinks.


The Sekforde perfect serve is really simple: basically treat it like your best G&T. Sekforde will mix beautifully with American or blended whiskies, or with any sipping rum. Use plenty of big ice cubes so they don’t melt so fast.

For the signature serve, add a twist of the rind from the main citrus. Please do use a twist, not a slice – the bitterness from the pith or sharpness from the juice can overwhelm the other flavours.

Alternatively, if you’re not feeling it for the spirits, go ahead and try a Sekforde just over ice for a clean and refreshing soft drink.

Sekforde Rum

Sekforde Rum is an aromatic mixture of lime and fresh herbs that give a sophisticated edge to the molasses, enhanced with subtle floral notes. Sekforde’s long bittersweet finish draws out the other flavours in your rum – typically tropical fruits in a golden rum; more woody and spicy as you drink a darker spirit.

20cls Bottles

Sekforde Whiskey

Sekforde Whiskey is a delicate balance of orange and Istrian botanicals. It will liberate your favourite whiskey’s dried fruit and spice flavour notes, while the gentle herbal notes are the perfect foil for the sweetness of the caramel and toasted grain flavours.

20cls Bottles