Verdant Dry Gin

Scottish Gin of the Year 2017 Verdant is a modern yet classic gin – a smooth, sophisticated spirit.

Location: Dundee, Scotland
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 March 2018 to present
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Best seller: Verdant Dry Gin

Verdant is Dundee’s First Distillery for Almost 200 Years!


We started working with Verdant with the aim of growing the wholesaler network and account base throughout the UK.

A modern yet classic gin – a smooth, sophisticated spirit that is equally at home served on its own, with tonic, or at the heart of a vibrant cocktail.

Verdant is distilled in small batches from the highest quality ingredients in a 500 litre pot still “Little Eddie”. It is aromatically juniper-led with fresh notes of citrus on the nose and palate with warm, earthy undertones of spice.


Verdant Dry Gin

Verdant is a gin with top notes of juniper and bright citrus, balanced with a global blend of botanicals that reflect Dundee’s maritime history as one of the most well-connected sea ports in Great Britain, and combine to give a uniquely distinctive balance and flavour to our Verdant Dry Gin.


Gin: 43% ABV
70cls Bottles