VII Hills Gin

VII Hills is an Italian Dry Gin made near Torino. Inspired by ancient Rome

Location: Torino, Italy
Client since:
 2017 to present
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“La dolce vita” can be traced back 2,500 years. The ancient Romans lived a highly sophisticated life, thanks to their medical and culinary skills, that has never been matched.


We started working with VII Hills in late 2017.  Having previously only been available in limited amounts in the UK before, we are tasked with growing the wholesaler network throughout the UK.

VII Hills wants to celebrate its recipe with the flavours, the traditional Italian methods and reveal the importance of old rituals. VII Hills Italian dry gin is made in Moncalieri (near Torino), by the Vergnano family: the master distillers distill VII HILLS with the same traditional manners as hundreds years ago.

VII Hills is created following seven steps that give to it the body, the strength and the unique Italian flavour.

The Roman botanicals after sourced and infused in a idro-alcoholic solution, are distilled with a sugar beet neutral spirit in a vacuum pot still. Roman chamomile and celery are then added to give VII Hills a traditional Italian accent.

VII Hills Gin

VII Hills Italian Dry Gin is an aromatic and fruity juniper spirit, lightly citrusy on the nose.

On the palate, sweet pomegranate notes with hints of roman chamomile, perfectly balanced by the earthy freshness of the celery.

Gin: 43% ABV
70cls Bottles