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Best seller: Westmalle Tripel
Fact: Westmalle Tripel was the first ever tripel to be brewed, henceforth all other tripels followed the original Westmalle style


One of only 8 Trappist breweries in the world Westmalle, called Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van het Heilig Hart, belongs to the Cistercian Order, which was founded in the eleventh century.

Trappist beer is only given this name if it satisfies a number of strict criteria:

  • The beer is brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by the monks themselves or under their supervision.
  • The brewery must be controlled by the monastery and have a business culture compatible with the monastic project.
  • The purpose of the brewery is not to make a profit. The income takes care of the livelihood of the monks and the upkeep of the abbey site. What is left over is used for charitable purposes, social work and people in need.

Westmalle produce two commercial beers. The Dubbel and the Tripel. In line with a long tradition these Trappist beers are brewed only with natural ingredients: pure water, malted barley, real hops, the best sugar and yeast cultured by the abbey. Thus they are 100% pure and natural beers.

BBB represent the brewery and the beers at select trade shows, events and consumer tastings helping grown the brands presence in the UK on and off trade.

Westmalle Dubbel

A dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The creamy head has the fragrance of special malt and leaves an attractive lace pattern in the glass. The flavour is rich and complex, herby and fruity with a fresh-bitter finish. It is a balanced quality beer with a soft feel in the mouth and a long, dry aftertaste.

ABV: 7%
SIZES: 33cls / 75cls bottles

Westmalle Tripel

A clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional beer, with a great deal of finesse and elegance. And with a splendid long aftertaste.

The Westmalle Tripel is indeed called the “mother of all tripels”. This type of beer was first brewed in Westmalle abbey in 1934 when the new brewing hall came into use.

ABV: 9.5%
SIZES: 33cls bottles / 75cls bottles